Fuel Your Mission Critical Applications
with a Limitless Network™ from Lightower

Lightower Fiber Networks is the premier provider of all-fiber, high-performance networking solutions, delivered over our own network, enabling award-winning customer support and service reliability. Lightower delivers customized solutions to thousands of customers in health care, financial services, media and content, cloud infrastructure, carriers, government, education, and other large enterprises. The Lightower Network extends over 33,000 route miles throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest, providing dense connectivity to 22,000+ service locations, 275+ data centers, and 5,000+ wireless towers, rooftop cell sites, and small cells.

Lightower has over 25 years of experience in providing highly reliable and scalable, all-fiber networking solutions with the highest levels of customer service and support. From back-up and recovery, content carriage, and media distribution to medical imaging, distance learning, and cloud connectivity, Lightower designs networks that support the applications that drive your organization’s goals. Thousands of the largest enterprises, carriers, educational institutions, governments already trust Lightower to aggregate and transport their critical network services.


In today’s competitive environment, operational success is largely dependent upon your network.  Lightower can custom-design an all-fiber, high-performance network to connect all of your organization’s mission-critical locations, including offices, data centers, cloud providers, partners, suppliers, back-up facilities, the Internet, as well as your industry-specific sites. Our unique and diverse network is already connected to over 22,000 service locations including over 275 data centers and over 500 telco hotels and central offices.

We can also build to new locations to suit the unique needs of your organization.  Our 25+ years of local construction expertise, combined with the ownership of our network assets, allows Lightower to design and build customized solutions that others simply cannot deliver.


We know the responsibility we take on when you select Lightower for your networking needs and we go the extra mile to ensure the performance and reliability of your solution and the applications you run on it.  From the unique design of your solution, to service delivery, and into the future, Lightower ensures that your network will meet or exceed all of your performance expectations. Once again, our ownership of the underlying assets allows us to engineer your service into the network to guarantee its performance levels.

From Ethernet, Wavelengths, and Dark Fiber, to Internet Access, Private Networks, and Video Transport – Lightower offers the solutions and the ongoing performance that others simply cannot deliver.


The importance of an organization’s network continues to increase over time, and your networking decisions are investments in your overall success.  Lightower is committed to your long-term goals and overall success by providing you flexible, scalable connectivity that grows along with your organization.  With Lightower as your Strategic Network Partner, you can easily:

  • Add new service locations and network services
  • Manage bandwidths, latencies, security, and redundancy

Whatever the future holds, as your requirements change and evolve, your Lightower solution will simply evolve with you.


Lightower was built from the ground up to meet the every need of our customers through networking excellence and superior customer support. We take pride in our customer-first culture which is reflected in everything we do from your initial consultation, to the design of your solution, to service delivery, to pro-active service monitoring, and to ongoing support.

Lightower continually receives the highest marks and reviews in the industry for our operations and customer support.  Since 2009, Atlantic-ACM has ranked us first in the industry in categories including Network Performance, Provisioning, and Customer Service.


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