Sidera Networks Enhances Its Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network

New York, April 28, 2011 — Sidera Networks, the premier provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, announced today it has increased the flexibility and scalability of its Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network by offering ultra low-latency Switched Ethernet services.  With the introduction of this service, financial services firms will be able to respond to fluctuating bandwidth demands more quickly and efficiently, and support a wider range of business applications.

“High bandwidth customers have benefitted from microsecond access to financial exchanges and data centers through Sidera’s Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network,” said Mike Sicoli, CEO of Sidera Networks. “Now, with the flexibility and scalability that Switched Ethernet offers, customers needing less than a full gigabit of bandwidth can benefit from our Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network and have a migration path to additional bandwidth when the need arises.”

Since its launch in September 2009, more than 60 financial institutions, including exchanges, brokers, hedge funds, as well as order management and market data providers, have selected the Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network’s unmatched ultra low-latency connectivity, to achieve optimal business performance and a significant competitive advantage.  Now with the addition of Switched Ethernet as an option, financial services firms have a broader range of connectivity speeds available to support their essential business applications.

Sidera’s high capacity, high availability Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network offers among the lowest latency paths between locations, delivers resiliency with at least two diverse paths into sites and is supported by SLAs that guarantee specific latency.  Unlike other commercial networks, Sidera’s Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network has the ability to keep traffic within New Jersey or extend into New York, based on a customer’s specific requirements for exchange connectivity. Many service providers may claim to have networks specifically designed for the financial services industry, but no other network offers the guaranteed low latency and the degree of connectivity to all the major financial exchanges and data centers that are available with Sidera’s Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network.

About Sidera Networks
Sidera Networks, LLC.,, is the premier provider of tailored, high capacity communications services that ensure optimal business performance to carrier and enterprise customers. Sidera Networks offers a comprehensive suite of facilities-based services including: Ethernet, SONET, Wavelength, Internet Access, Colocation and more. With a fiber optic network leveraging unique rights-of-way that spans from Maine to Virginia, out to Chicago and up to Toronto, Sidera is committed to delivering cost-effective, custom solutions coupled with superior industry expertise, service and support.