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Customer FAQs

As we bring our fiber brands into the Crown Castle fold, we’re committed to making this transition seamless for you, our customer. Below are some questions that may be on your mind. For more information, we encourage you to reach out directly to your account team.

Business Continuity

What is being announced today? Crown Castle has now completed the acquisition of Lightower Fiber Networks. With the acquisition of Sunesys, Fibernet Direct, Wilcon, other regional fiber providers, and now Lightower, we’ve been able to greatly expand our fiber footprint across the US—giving our customers greater flexibility and a deeper service offering. To continue this evolution, we are now officially bringing all these brands into the Crown Castle fold under a single brand name: Crown Castle Fiber.

While Lightower will now be operating as part of Crown Castle Fiber, the Lightower brand will continue to exist and conduct business for the time being. All of your services, processes, contacts, and support will remain the same during this period. Eventually, the Lightower brand will be brought into the Crown Castle Fiber division, and as this time approaches, we will be sure to distribute additional information to you about this change.

Who is Crown Castle? Crown Castle owns and operates approximately 40,000 cell towers, 50,000 small cell nodes on air or under contract, and 60,000 route miles of fiber, following the completion of the Lightower acquisition, across every major US market. This nationwide portfolio of communications infrastructure connects cities and communities to essential data, technology, and wireless service bringing information, ideas, and innovations to the people and businesses that need them.

Why did Crown Castle acquire fiber providers? Our dedication to the fiber business goes back over 20 years. Early on, we recognized the value of building and owning fiber networks to support our other network assets. We’ve recently strengthened that commitment with the acquisition of eight regional fiber providers—including Sunesys, Fibernet Direct, Wilcon, and now Lightower. In addition to a larger footprint and expanded solutions, our combined team now brings years of valuable experience and expertise to our fiber customers.

How will this change impact me as a customer? We are committed to making this transition seamless for you, our customer. You will continue to receive the same level of service and support you’ve become accustomed to, through the same support team you already know and trust. Additionally, you’ll get access to a larger, denser network with more diverse paths and unique routes—all monitored around the clock by our Network Operations Center.

You’ll also have the full strength and stability of Crown Castle behind you—an S&P 500 company with a history of building and operating infrastructure around the country. Since we will be the last owner of our networks, you can be sure we’ll be there today, tomorrow, and for many years to come, helping you grow and adapt as your needs change.


Will my billing account number change? Your billing account number will remain the same at this time.

Will I still send payments to the same place? Yes, please continue your payments as usual. We will communicate if any changes are made in the future.

Will your bank account number change for wire transfers? No, our bank account numbers for wire transfers will remain the same at this time.

Will our FEIN number change? No, our FEIN number will remain the same—any future changes will be communicated at that time.

Will billing contacts receive a new W-9 along with the name change announcement?
Our W-9 will remain the same at this time. We will communicate if any changes are made in the future. If you should need the most recent W-9, please contact your support team.

I already sent a check to Lightower this month. Do I need to resubmit my payment? No, you will not need to resubmit a payment.

Will my billing schedule be impacted by the name change? No, the billing schedule will remain the same.

Support, Network, and Service Delivery

Who do I contact for support? Please continue to contact the Network Operations Center (NOC) 24 hours a day – your NOC contact information will remain the same.

Who will be managing our fiber services going forward? Our fiber networks will continue to be managed by our state-of-the-art NOC—fully staffed with the same local service teams you’ve come to know.

Will my service hours change? Our NOC will continue to operate around-the-clock, 24/7/365. Other departments—such as billing and customer service—will keep their existing business hours.

Will my circuit information/DLR be changed? Circuit information will remain the same at this time—we’ll communicate if any changes are made in the future.

Will my IP information change? Customer IP allocations will remain the same—if you’d like to request additional addresses, please reach out to your sales representative.


Do I need to re-sign any contracts or agreements under the new company name? Is my existing agreement still valid? (e.g. Master Service Agreement, Vendor Agreements, Property Manager Agreement, etc.) Agreements will not need to be re-signed and existing agreements remain valid through the end of their term as the service provider will not change.

Will there be one common Service Agreement used by Crown Castle Fiber? No. At this time, the existing Master Service Agreements for each of the fiber brands will remain the same. We’ll communicate any changes in the future.

Will my service orders change? No, service orders and contracts will remain the same.

Will my Service Level Agreement (SLA) change? Your current Service Level Agreement will remain the same. At Crown Castle Fiber, we own all of our fiber networks—so we continue to be directly invested in their integrity to provide faster response times and issue resolution.

Are there any addenda or amendments that will be required for Indirect Channel Master Agent agreements? No, our Channel Master Agent agreements will remain the same at this time. We’ll communicate if any changes are made in the future.


Will my services change? No. You will continue to have access to the complete suite of services that are offered today. Additionally, you will gain access to nationwide markets and thousands of service locations throughout the country as we combine the networks of all of the fiber brands.

We’ll continue to work closely with you to build a solution that allows you to run your organization today, while setting the stage for tomorrow’s most transformative innovations. Contact your sales representative directly to learn more.

Where can I learn more about Crown Castle or Crown Castle Fiber and its products and services? We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our relationship. Stay tuned for a new fiber website——coming soon to better serve your needs.

If you have any further questions, please visit or contact your sales representative directly for more information.

Will your network footprint be expanding? As part of Crown Castle, you’ll have access to one of the largest and densest networks in the country—our portfolio of towers, small cells, and fiber is unique and unmatched. It all works together to meet unprecedented demand and to connect people, communities, and businesses.

Will there be any upgrades to the network or our services as part of bringing the fiber brands under the Crown Castle fold? At Crown Castle Fiber, we build our networks with the future in mind—improving and optimizing to maximize performance for all of our customers. Our products will continue to be offered with the same terms and conditions that exist in your agreement today.

Are there plans to launch new services? We constantly evaluate our product suite to meet the customer demand ahead. We’ll send you a notification when we launch any new product offerings.

Will you still be participating in the E-rate program for school districts and libraries? Yes. As a long-standing E-rate partner, we have a depth of experience and expertise you can count on—implementing and managing both lit and dark fiber solutions for school districts and libraries. Our existing SPIN numbers for the legacy fiber brands will remain the same.

I just received a quote for a new or upgraded service. Is it still valid? Our quotes are typically valid for 30 days.

Does bringing the fiber brands under the Crown Castle fold impact our current installation time? You’ll continue to receive the same level of service and support you’re accustomed to, with the same support team you know and trust.

We’re committed to making this transition seamless for our customers and have every intention of meeting our commitment to you. Should any changes occur to your installation timeline, we’ll notify you immediately.


Will the headquarters for the company move?Will the regional offices remain the same? Crown Castle’s headquarters is located at 1220 Augusta Drive in Houston, TX. There are no plans to relocate the regional fiber offices—the local teams you work with will continue to support your business needs.

What will the new email domain be for our contacts? How long will the @Lightower email domain be active? During the transition, you’ll begin to receive emails from employees with a email domain. The legacy @Lightower domain will remain active as an alias to the new email address—so, we’ll still receive your message wherever you send it.

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