Read the Lightower Merger Closing Press Release.

  • What was announced today?
  • Lightower announced that the merger between Lightower Fiber Networks and Fibertech Networks has been completed.


  • Under what name will the company operate?
  • The company will operate primarily under the Lightower Fiber Networks name. During a transition period, the Fibertech name will continue to be used in certain states.


  • Will my billing change?
  • Not at this time.  Any potential future changes to your billing will be communicated to you prior to changes taking place.


  • Will there be changes to my services?
  • No.  There will be no impact to your existing services. You will continue to receive the same great services and support to which you are accustomed.

Customers will now have access to additional network services, additional network routes, and additional service locations.  More details can be found below or online at


  • Why is this merger good for customers?
  • Limitless Network. Limitless Performance.  Limitless Support.
    Limitless Everything. 

Customers now have access to a much larger, all-fiber service area throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.  The Lightower Network now totals over 33,000 fiber route miles providing access to over 22,000 service locations. On our new network map and new building list, you will notice new markets, new network routes, and new service locations throughout our updated footprint.  Please visit our web site to see our new Network Map and our new Building List.

In addition to a more expansive network, customers now have access to new services and solutions.  Please, visit to view the complete portfolio of Lightower services and solutions.

Bringing together two companies with customer-first cultures only increases the levels of support you can expect from us.  From pro-active service monitoring, to emergency response, our goal is to continue to build on the superior customer support that you expect.


  • What new services will I have access to? 
  • Customers now have access to the new, expanded suite of Lightower services and solutions, in addition to new network routes and new service locations.  To see the complete portfolio of Lightower Services and Solutions, please, visit our web site at



  • Who will lead the new company?
  • Rob Shanahan, Lightower’s President and CEO, will continue to lead the company moving forward.  A full list of the management team can be found on the Lightower web site at:


  • Who can I contact with any additional questions that I might have?
  • Should you have any questions which are not addressed here, please contact your Account Executive or email us at


  • Will there be any changes to customer support?
  •  Lightower will continue to operate redundant and interconnected Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and you will continue to receive the same superior customer support to which you are accustomed.

Customer Quote

"They have provided diverse connectivity in support of the underlying SFTI network with management and maintenance at the highest levels. The SFTI network’s reliability, efficiency, protection and dependability are extremely important to us, so we are pleased to renew our partnership with them."

Senior Vice President

SFTI Network