Drive business application performance and operational efficiency with a limitless network.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, your organization’s performance is directly tied to your network performance. Everything from application to operational performance depends on high-performance connectivity that is available and secure. 

Achieving your business-critical goals requires a purpose-built network that optimizes application performance, eliminates bottlenecks, and delivers the high-performance connectivity your business demands—all without sacrificing reliability and security.


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Lightower delivers limitless network connectivity, performance, and growth to Enterprise.

Limitless Connectivity

The first step towards a limitless network is ensuring that all business-critical locations are on the same high-performance infrastructure. This includes connections to all office locations, remote data centers and cloud providers, as well as partners, vendors, the Internet, and more. With a strategic footprint that connects over 22,000 key service locations and 275+ data centers, Lightower delivers customized connectivity where and when your business demands.

Limitless Performance

Business applications are only as fast and efficient as the network that supports them. Lightower’s all-fiber, high-performance networks deliver the flexible bandwidth your organization needs to enhance application performance and drive company-wide operational efficiencies, so you can compete faster and smarter for years to come. 

Limitless Growth

Your business potential should never be limited or slowed by your network. As your Strategic Network Partner, Lightower is committed to your long-term goals with scalable connectivity that grows with your business. Our flexible network makes it possible to seamlessly add new locations, new services, manage latency, and more—so your business will always be in front of whatever lies ahead.

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Limitless networks made possible by:

Lightower + Ciena

Network Facts

  • 22,000+ service locations
  • 33,000+ fiber route miles
  • 275+ connected data centers
  • 40+ connected financial exchanges
  • 13 Lightower colocation centers
  • 500+ carrier hotels and central offices
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