Reach further and faster with limitless network capabilities for financial services.

Financial service providers operate in a hyper-competitive industry where the ability to rapidly respond to changing market conditions and new regulations while simultaneously differentiating their services is key to growth and profitability.

In these ever-changing markets, the network is a strategic asset that enables the secure, seamless flow of business-critical data, powers revenue-generating applications, and determines the level of speed and efficiency of business operations.


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Lightower delivers limitless connectivity, performance, and growth to Financial Service Providers.

Limitless Connectivity

Today’s financial firms need to maintain secure and reliable connectivity between data centers, financial exchanges, and corporate and branch offices on limited IT budgets. Lightower’s limitless networks deliver custom connectivity across all business-critical locations with direct connections to key financial exchanges and major data centers. With our purpose-built approach, we streamline your connectivity to broaden your global reach, maximize IT spend, and drive new cost-saving efficiencies—all while providing up to 99.999% network availability.

Limitless Performance

In an information-powered industry, speed is everything. Lightower’s all-fiber, high performance networks deliver the flexible, high-capacity connectivity necessary to support and optimize mission-critical business application performance, including cloud computing, big data analytics, and workload balancing. With our secure, reliable network, your branch offices will have the same high-performance access to revenue-driving applications as headquarters. And when milliseconds matter, our Xtreme Ultra Low-latency solutions give you all the trading advantage you need.

Limitless Growth

In the highly competitive financial services market, differentiation is a core component of growth and profitability. As a strategic business partner, Lightower helps unlock new business opportunities with future-proof scalability that delivers the agility you need to set yourself apart from the competition today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.

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Limitless networks made possible by:

Lightower + Ciena

Network Facts

  • 22,000+ service locations
  • 33,000+ fiber route miles
  • 275+ connected data centers
  • 40+ connected financial exchanges
  • 13 Lightower colocation centers
  • 500+ carrier hotels and central offices
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