Transform patient care with a limitless ability to securely connect and deliver advanced eHealth applications.

Data-driven patient care is transforming the health care industry. In this application-centric environment, big bandwidth high-performance networks are more critical than ever before.

Your organization needs secure, reliable connectivity that allows for instant sharing of patient records and imaging data across providers and facilities—while guaranteeing patient confidentiality and disaster preparedness. As the use of bandwidth-intensive applications increases throughout your organization, having a flexible, high-capacity network that scales with your growing needs is key to delivering innovative and efficient patient care.


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Lightower delivers limitless network connectivity, performance, and growth to Health Care.

Limitless Connectivity

As health care providers grow in size and complexity, reliable and seamless connectivity across the entire organization is mission-critical. Lightower offers custom, scalable network services, including private networks that provide secure data transport throughout an evolving ecosystem of care provider facilities, data centers, and regional Health Information Exchanges. Lightower ensures that doctors and patients always have secure and reliable access to medical records, when and where it matters the most.

Limitless Performance

Health care organizations are increasingly migrating to advanced eHealth technologies, such as telesurgery and diagnosis and enterprise-wide Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). Lightower’s high-performance, all-fiber networks deliver the flexible, and high-capacity bandwidth needed to support and optimize data-intensive applications that improve quality and speed of patient care.

Limitless Growth

Rapidly growing health care organizations, advanced diagnostics, government regulation, an aging population—these are just a few of the forces that continue to place more and more demand on health care providers. With Lightower by your side as your Strategic Network Partner, you can quickly and seamlessly add business locations, increase bandwidths, and manage latencies across your entire network. Lightower ensures your organization has the limitless network it needs to address both today’s immediate needs and tomorrow’s new challenges.

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Limitless networks made possible by:

Lightower + Ciena

Network Facts

  • 22,000+ service locations
  • 33,000+ fiber route miles
  • 275+ connected data centers
  • 40+ connected financial exchanges
  • 13 Lightower colocation centers
  • 500+ carrier hotels and central offices
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