Ethernet Services

Lightower ENNI: Expand Your Reach and Visibility

Lightower offers carriers cost-effective and efficient ways to connect to our network of over 33,000+ route miles of fiber serving over 22,000+ locations. Leveraging MEF standards, Lightower ENNI enables the delivery of end-to-end services while maintaining visibility and management of circuits that pass through multiple carrier networks. Carriers can expand the power of their own Ethernet services and ensure that quality of service is maintained end-to-end. Lightower ENNI enables Ethernet service providers to cost effectively scale up deployment of Carrier Ethernet services and streamline interconnection operations. In addition, ENNI opens the way to a wider range of services to customers and a path to new markets at lower costs.


  • Single physical connection provides conduit for multiple virtual connections
  • Maintain service consistency across networks
  • End-to-end visibility and performance monitoring
  • Speeds time to revenue
  • Lowers cost to manage the overall service
  • Standardization saves time, optimizes efforts and reduces complexity


  • 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps port options
  • Multiple CoS environment
  • E-Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line(EVPL), Ethernet LAN (E-LAN)
  • Protected or Unprotected configurations

Ethernet Exchanges

In addition to ENNI, Lightower offers network interconnection via Carrier Ethernet Exchange providers. Members of Ethernet Exchanges can interconnect to Lightower’s network, with the assurance of exchange member certification and compatibility and seamlessly provide the end-to-end connectivity their clients demand. Lightower Direct Interconnect Locations

1275 K St. NW Washington DC
350 E. Cermak Rd. Chicago IL
1 Summer St. Boston MA
34 St. Martin Marlborough MA
1400 Federal St. Carteret NJ
165 Halsey St. Newark NJ
755 Secaucus Rd. Secaucus NJ
1919 Park Ave. New York NY
111 8th Ave. New York NY
60 Hudson St. New York NY
401 N. Broad St. Philadelphia PA
151 Front St. Toronto Canada

Additional locations are planned. Ethernet Exchange Locations

Street Address City State Partners
350 E. Cermak Rd. Chicago IL CENX, Equinix, TelX
One Summer St. Boston MA Neutral Tandem
165 Halsey St. Newark NJ CENX, Equinix
755 Secaucus Rd. Secaucus NJ Equinix
75 Broad St. New York NY Neutral Tandem
60 Hudson St. New York NY CENX, Equinix, TelX
111 8th Ave. New York NY Equinix, TelX
401 N. Broad St. Philadelphia PA Neutral Tandem
21715 Filigree Ct. Ashburn VA Equinix

Lightower is a member of CENX, Equinix, Neutral Tandem and TelX Ethernet Exchanges, providing the widest range of choice to our customers.