165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ Colocation

Colocation Environment Network Connectivity and Diversity

Lightower offers a comprehensive suite of colocation services including: colocation space, cabinets, cross connects and distribution panels, cabinet installation and grounding, high density power and cooling with redundancy, physical security and monitoring, plus project management that ensures on-time turn-up.

All of our collocation facilities offer full connectivity to Lightower’s fiber-based network delivering, high-capacity and scalable Ethernet, Wavelength, SONET and Internet Access services with flexible bandwidth options. Our practice of carrier neutrality also provides you with cross connections to multiple carriers of your choice for network diversity, as needed. Lightower’s secure colo facilities are engineered for your servers and communications equipment to operate in a clean, temperature-controlled environment.

Our NJ colocation centers offer full connectivity to the Lightower metro and long haul optical network, providing fully managed, high-capacity and scalable Ethernet, Wave and SONET services.

  • Diverse fiber entrances into the building with diversely routed risers in conduit to support SONET, DWDM, Ethernet and MPLS GigE interfaces.
  • Diverse 216 count fiber connectivity between 5th floor and MMR on the 9th floor.

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Colocation Facility Details

Specification Description
Location: 5th Floor
Lightower Area: 11,044 sq ft
Colocation Area: 3,410 sq ft
Floor Loading: 100 psf
Power: Conditioned AC & DC Power w/ Battery Backup
>>> High Density Configurations Supported <<<
Environmental Controls: APC In-Row Cooling w/ Hot Aisle Containment
>>> High Density Configurations Supported <<<
Security / Network Monitoring / Support: 24×7
Diverse Fiber Entry into the Building: Yes
Diverse Fiber Connectivity to Common Carrier: Available

Colocation Building Floor Plan

165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ Colo Facility Infrastructure

Colocation HVAC and Facility

  • APC, 300mm in-row RC units commensurate with heat rejection demands
  • APC Hot Aisle Containment cabinet structure
  • BMS/Access – Door control system, client specific swipe card
  • 24×7 monitoring and access control via both Lightower Fiber Networks NOCs
  • Pre-Action Fire Suppression System

Colocation Power Systems

  • Eltek Valere 2000 AMP DC Plant with Flatpack2 Rectifiers and 4 hr. battery back-up
  • UPS Conditioned AC Power – Initial, two 150 KVA Powerware UPS units with 15 minutes of battery at full load
  • Emergency Back-up Generator – Kohler, 800 KW with Day Tank located on the roof, 2000 gallon fuel tank in basement, redundant fuel pump system in basement and a 1200 AMP ATS located in the 9th floor Lightower Fiber Networks space
  • Commercial Electrical Service –1200 AMP main service, supplied by PSE&G
  • 2/500KVS APC UPS units with 15 minutes of battery at full load

Maintenance Contracts

  • Generator – Cummins Northeast
  • BMS/Access Systems – Automated Logic

Colocation Site Location, Access, and Security

  • 165 Halsey St., Newark, NJ 07102
  • Site is located on the 5th floor in the NW corner
  • Building Security & Access – 7×24×365 via Lightower Fiber Networks NOC, card swipe entry for colocators

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Customer Quote

"Their 165 Halsey facility is an ideal setting for our most critical data center concerns – location, power, and cooling systems. In addition, they have a proven network and industry expertise to help ensure that we can execute on our business objectives."

Technology Vendor Coordinator

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