401 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA Colocation

Secure Philadelphia Colocation Facility

Located in the premier carrier hotel in Philadelphia, Lightower’s colocation facility at 401 North Broad offers a comprehensive suite of colocation services including: colocation space, cabinets, cross connects and distribution panels, cabinet installation and grounding, high density power and cooling with redundancy, physical security and monitoring, plus project management that ensures on-time turn-up.

All of our collocation facilities offer full connectivity to Lightower’s fiber-based network delivering, high-capacity and scalable Ethernet, SONET, Wavelength and Internet Access services with flexible bandwidth options. Our practice of carrier neutrality also provides you with cross connections to multiple carriers of your choice for network diversity, as needed. Lightower’s secure colo facilities are engineered for your servers and communications equipment to operate in a clean, temperature-controlled environment.

401 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA
Suites 190, 405, 450, 936

401 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA Colo Facility Infrastructure

Colocation HVAC and Facility

  • Dry-pipe pre-action sprinkler rated for telecommunication equipment/computer room
  • Integrated smoke/heat detector system
  • HVAC leak detection system provided
  • Cooling not less than 200 BTU/h per square foot with an N+1 redundancy with available cooling capacity to 400 BTU/h per * square foot for high density installations
  • Temperature can be maintained at 72 degrees F dry bulb at ASHRAE 1%
  • HVAC systems are supported on diesel generators in the event of power outage
  • 30% to 60% non-condensing humidity provided
  • High density IT equipment loads can be accommodated on a premium custom basis
  • 6kW+ per cabinet average loads can be accommodated with custom in-row supplemental cooling and A/B power feeds
  • Cooling available up to 20kW per cabinet on a custom premium basis for extreme high density applications

Colocation Power Systems

  • Up to 200 watts per square foot including HVAC
  • 120/208V AC and -48V DC available
  • 100% generator backup
  • Multi-module UPS system available for high density power requirements
  • Generator both auto start and auto transfer
  • 24-hour run time fuel capacity
  • Two-hour response for fuel delivery
  • UPS backup power
  • Voltage output 480 transformed to 120/208V
  • -48 Volt DC provided with rectifier plant and batteries
  • A/B power feeds from redundant PDU’s available
  • “True” A/B power feeds are available
  • Grounding in accordance with NFPA 70 available

Maintenance Contracts

  • HVAC semi-annually
  • Generator quarterly
  • Fire Suppression quarterly
  • Colocation Site Location, Access, and Security
  • Can accommodate either equipment racks, cabinets, or cages
  • Full 24×7 card reader access through main door
  • Full 24×7 access monitoring by building management
  • Full 24×7 network monitoring by Lightower Fiber Networks’ Network Control Center
  • Locking cabinets and/or cages

If you are looking for a colocation service provider in the Pennsylvania area, look no further. Contact us to learn about our dedicated colocation services in Philadelphia.

Customer Quote

"Their 165 Halsey facility is an ideal setting for our most critical data center concerns – location, power, and cooling systems. In addition, they have a proven network and industry expertise to help ensure that we can execute on our business objectives."

Technology Vendor Coordinator

Wolverine Trading