Managed Private Optical Networks

An Optical Private Network Tailored and Customized for Any Application

Demanding and bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-speed trading, synchronous replication, content delivery, and some Cloud services can place significant demand on available resources and capacity for large corporations. The ability to upgrade network services in a timely manner is critical to business success.

Sometimes, standard off-the-shelf service offerings don’t meet the needs of carriers and businesses. Networking requirements have become more complex, and as a result, multiple technologies, protocols and applications need to be supported across a wide area via private custom networks.

Partnering with Lightower to obtain custom, diverse, high capacity, low latency connectivity along with specialized support services provides you with the stringent performance, latency and diversity of a private network — while offloading you from the burden of designing and operating your network. This allows you to fully focus on your core business needs.

A managed private optical network from Lightower can augment your IT staff with flexible, custom designed solutions to meet your technical and business requirements. Your customers will be able to access Lightower’s award-winning network, the latest optical technologies and experienced support staff, so that you will enjoy a turnkey, fully managed network solution.

Lightower’s private network services are also available with optional Optical Encryption, to protect your in-flight data from endpoint to endpoint.   >> Learn more

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The Benefits of a Private Managed Network

Built-to-Order and Backed By Best-in-Class Support

  • Obtain access to Lightower’s unique network assets including unique rights-of-way, diversity, ultra-low-latency and deployed equipment, that would be cost prohibitive to duplicate yourself.
  • Use these assets and services to deliver application and transaction performance that leapfrogs your competition who use off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Integrate network connectivity into your application or service, providing a turn-key solution completely under your control.
  • Augment your IT staff with technically competent and experienced staff that use proven best practices for network design, installation, operation and upgrade.

Optical Private Network Features

Make Our Network Your Network

Lightower will work with your technical staff to custom design a solution that leverages Lightower’s extensive experience in designing, deploying and operating state-of-the-art technologies, to meet your stringent needs.

  • Design – Many of today’s businesses find themselves in need of a network designed and built to support their specific networking requirements. However, the time and costs associated with building a private network, along with the level of specialized knowledge and expertise required to undertake this endeavor, make this option unfeasible for most companies to even consider. Lightower can provide the technical expertise and proven experience to design, build and maintain a private optical network customized to your exacting requirements.
  • Equipment –Flexible equipment procurement options are available to help you meet your CapEx and/or OpEx constraints.
  • Installation – Lightower will provide a Project Manager to oversee all aspects of your equipment procurement, network build-out, testing and deployment – starting with a detailed project plan that is created and reviewed with your technical staff.
  • Network Monitoring and Support – Lightower’s NOC is focused on providing high quality network management supporting Dark Fiber, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and Ethernet systems. Customers can choose to utilize Lightower’s NOC technicians as a primary or a backup augment to their IT staff. Lightower will perform basic event recognition, respond to alarms and alerts and log relevant information. The Lightower surveillance technician will notify you of the condition and our response. Lightower will also respond to trouble calls from your technical staff, investigate issues and provide a timely response and action plan. Lightower technicians will troubleshoot and isolate faults and will notify your staff in accordance with mutually agreed procedures.
  • Optical Encryption Services – Lightower Managed Private Optical Networks also offer optional Optical Encryption services, with AES-256 FIPS-certified protection of your in-flight data from endpoint to endpoint.

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Customer Quote

"In today’s environment, it is crucial to have a comprehensive business continuity plan in place. We wanted to work with a trusted provider capable of delivering a customized solution to meet our needs. They were the only provider who stepped up and met our requirement of designing a diverse solution that encompassed synchronized bandwidth and scalability."


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