High Bandwidth, High Reliability, High Predictability With SONET

If your business applications need a reliable, predictable, high bandwidth networking solution, Lightower’s SONET Service is the answer.  Lightower’s SONET Service enables customers to connect multiple locations with a dedicated, protected, high-speed service.

Customers may choose channelized bandwidth which provides STS-level switching, or concatenated bandwidth to provide larger, single channel transport for high level data applications. Lightower’s ring-based architecture for SONET service provides maximum availability.

In today’s increasingly demanding IT environment, many key business drivers can be fulfilled through SONET Services:

  • Seamless connectivity between geographically diverse sites
  • High bandwidth requirements to support the latest business applications
  • Data center connectivity
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions
  • Flexible network services that adapt to new project requirements
  • Backhaul for private PBX voice traffic
  • Cost-effective solutions that fit within today’s IT budgets
  • Available both within the metropolitan area and between regions

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The Benefits of SONET

Reliable, Secure, and Flexible

Lightower’s SONET Network Services provide your business with the following benefits:

  • A wide range of bandwidth options means you can select and pay for only the bandwidth you need
  • Multi-Application Support – Supports all common networking requirements: circuit switched voice, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay, and Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Customized, concatenated or channelized configurations provide flexibility in payload size
  • Dedicated, fully monitored service provides the highest levels of service availability and reliability
  • Unique rights-of-way provide an additional layer of reliability and security

SONET Features

Maximum Availability

Our solution provides the near real-time restoration needed to support mission critical applications with rates starting at OC-3 ranging up to OC-192 available in concatenated or channelized bandwidth. Lightower’s robust ring based architecture provides the maximum availability you expect from SONET services.

Lightower’s SONET Network Services include:

  • Scalable, dedicated bandwidth from OC-3 to OC-192
  • Support channelized or concatenated payloads
  • Diverse, protected, ring-based architecture
  • Metropolitan and long haul services available
  • 24×7 proactively monitored services
  • Survivable and reliable, diverse network utilizing unique, utility rights-of-way
  • Standards-based protocol for ease of interoperability

SONET Network Services Built on a Robust Architecture

Specification Description
Bandwidth Dedicated DS-1 to OC-192
Protection Full SONET protection with route diverse ring architecture in most areas
Network Technology Utilizes Lightower’s diverse metro DWDM network and traditional metro fiber
Availability Over 22,000+ service locations from Portland, ME to Washington, DC and out to Chicago and internationally in Toronto and London with the expertise to add additional locations
Management 24×7 monitoring and surveillance
Protocol Support (over SONET) Circuit switched voice, ATM, frame relay, IP, and video
Protection Specification Lightower Target
Availability 99.99%
Bit Error Rate 1×10-9
Error Free Seconds 1×10-9
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) 4 Hours

Specific protection and performance metrics will be determined by your solution design and your Lightower Service Level Agreement.

Customer Quote

"We chose [them] because they were able to provide us with a comprehensive solution for our complex connectivity needs. Through their SONET Service, Empire One is able to connect to multiple end locations over a dedicated, protected, high-speed network."


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