Understanding Your Vertical and Application Requirements

Lightower’s customers are a who’s who of large enterprises, carriers, and organizations that leverage their network to gain a competitive advantage. With over 3,500 customers, Lightower has experience in every vertical, with a clear specialization in industries with high-bandwidth and low-latency requirements. This includes the new network requirements being driven by cloud computing and data center connectivity.

By Industry

Utilities and Energy

Utilities and Energy companies are increasingly finding new ways to utilize advanced technologies to improve communications across their systems.

Financial Services

The ability to successfully execute financial transactions in the fastest time possible can mean the difference between millions of dollars earned or lost every day.


A comprehensive suite of services provides the flexibility to align your requirements with the most cost-effective service option.


In today’s education environment, cutting-edge technology and interactive tools are a must in order to engage students and keep them ahead of the curve.

Content Distribution

Social media companies distribute data to billions of people around the world every day — and all of this content needs to be stored and distributed.


The media and entertainment business has come to understand the power of high-perfomance networks for rapidly moving HD quality content between locations.

Health Care

The performance of health care applications and their ability to improve patient care is directly related to the availability, scalability, and resiliency of your network infrastructure.


Federal government agencies are taking advantage of the latest, most innovative technologies to increase operational efficiency and better serve constituents and agency goals.


The ability to have access to a reliable, uninterrupted 24/7 network can mean the difference between winning and losing in the legal industry.


Lightower provides flexible Wireless Backhaul and Small Cell/DAS solutions, in addition to aggregation and transport services. We can custom design every aspect of your service from new construction, to geographical & logical routing, to bandwidth, and latency.

By Business Need