Cloud Connectivity

The Cloud Doesn’t Work Without the Network

There’s no arguing that Cloud Services and the data centers from which these services are launched have become a critical part of business infrastructure. After all, Gartner forecasted that Cloud Services IT spending would top $109B in 2012 alone. While businesses and consumers relate the importance of cloud connectivity to the applications they run, the truth is that none of this is even possible without the network.

Harness the Power of the Cloud

But what, exactly, does this mean? From an enterprise perspective, it means that network capacity needs must match your data center and cloud application requirements—so your company can realize the full benefit of embracing cloud connectivity services. Bandwidth elasticity, availability, network uptime, and latency are all crucial aspects of a cloud connectivity solution that provides the seamless integration of remote data and applications into current business practices.

Trust the Smarter Choice

For over 20 years, Lightower Fiber Networks has provided reliable, flexible, high capacity connectivity throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest, as well as to Toronto and London.

Your High Speed On-Ramp to the Cloud

Lightower’s services provide the reliability and assurance that sets us apart from the competition. Offering a wide range of flexible bandwidth and interface options for high availability private, public, and hybrid cloud access, Lightower ensures businesses and organizations the flexibility and choices to best fit their needs for a cloud computing network infrastructure with minimal foundational and operational costs.

Your High Speed On-Ramp to the Cloud
Secure, Low Latency Cloud Connectivity

A Truly Comprehensive Suite of Services

Lightower Fiber Networks consists of many cost-effective, efficient solutions designed to complement your business by delivering information seamlessly. With more than 15,000+ service locations, Lightower’s network is within 500 feet of over 20,000+ businesses, resulting in cost-effective connectivity to critical communications facilities and enterprise locations throughout the Lightower footprint.