Lightower: Enhancing the Learning Environment with Best-in-Class Networking

In today’s education environment, cutting-edge technology and interactive tools are a must in order to engage students and keep them ahead of the curve. Facilitating this technology demands that classrooms and campuses maintain high quality connectivity that meets capacity needs. Increasing budget constraints, as well as limited IT staffs, have put schools and universities under pressure to rely on their network provider more than ever before to provide cost-effective and reliable services, as well as best-in-class support.

Did You Know?

Laptop use in the classroom is growing 25% each year. As the demand for learning environments that cater to a “connected classroom” grows, it is important that institutions and school districts maintain reliable, secure, and scalable networking solutions. Lightower has been a certified E-rate service provider for over a decade—this means that Lightower has the experience required to leverage and maximize the available benefits offered through the program. Under the direction of the FCC, the E-rate program makes data network and Internet access services available through the Schools and Libraries Program, and can offer eligible institutions and school districts discounts of up to 90%.

Lightower understands the complex relationships that exist between higher education institutions and the storage, security, and accessibility of critical data. Moreover, Lightower possesses extensive experience working with IT departments that are on a tight budget and must prove ROI on their investments. To date, Lightower has provided tailored solutions to nearly 50 leading education and research institutions along the Northeast Corridor.

Government Contract Vehicles

Lightower is an authorized vendor to state and federal agencies and offers networking services under certain government contract vehicles.  For states where Lightower is not an authorized vendor, agencies may be able to purchase services based on a contract Lightower has with another state.  

For more information on Lightower Government contract vehicles, including specific contract vehicles and agency eligibility, please see our Government Solutions.

E-Rate Program

Lightower participates in the E-Rate Program and maintains a service provider identification number (SPIN) used for all qualifying E-Rate services. We are able to provide E-Rate funding discounts on an invoice via the Service Provider Invoice (SPI) Form 474, or by check using the Billed Entity Application Reimbursement (BEAR) Form 472.

>> Learn more about Lightower and the E-Rate Program

MiCTA – Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association

Lightower is also an authorized vendor to Higher Education and K-12 through MiCTA and an established Master Services Agreement (MSA).  MiCTA is a national organization that provides its E-Rate members the option of purchasing under the MiCTA MSA.

Network Solutions for K-12 Schools and Districts

Successful learning environments leverage cutting-edge technology for applications and interactive tools. Distance-learning applications, SMART boards and video all have the ability to increase students engagement, participation and overall achievement. However, shrinking budgets have made it difficult for many schools and districts to support bandwidth-intensive applications, limiting the ability to gain access to technologies that help students excel and prepare them for the future.

Lightower possesses the network assets, expertise and experience to provide scalable network services for your school or district. A trusted E-rate service provider for over a decade, Lightower provides network services to a number of K-12 schools, including the largest public school system in the United States.

>> Learn more about Lightower and the E-Rate Program

Lightower is also an authorized vendor to K-12 organizations under an established MiCTA Master Services Agreement.

Network Solutions for Higher Education

Colleges and universities require scalable networks that are capable of meeting shifting bandwidth needs throughout the year. From video streaming to data transport and real-time communication, IT departments must be focused on serving the needs of students and faculty. Lightower’s network is the backbone of a connected campus, offering unique routes that ensure speed and reliability, as well as expansive capacity to meet the high-bandwidth needs of tens of thousands of students campus-wide.

Lightower is also an authorized vendor to Higher Education organizations under an established MiCTA Master Services Agreement.

When Experience is a Must

Lightower’s Education Network expertise and comprehensive suite of services has delivered dynamic, interactive learning environments for leading schools and universities for over 20 years. As an example, Lightower’s network is the backbone for one of the largest school districts in the United States located on Long Island.

Lightower works with education institutions to provide appropriate networking solutions and services that address the most important needs of their learning environments.

Lightower is also an authorized vendor to federal and state/local agencies under certain government contract vehicles.  For states where Lightower is not yet an authorized vendor, agencies can often utilize a vehicle in a state where Lightower is authorized.  For more information on Lightower Government Contracts, visit our Government Solutions.

E-Rate Program

Lightower is also a strong supporter of the E-Rate program for discounted networking services to eligible educational institutions.

>> Learn more about Lightower and the E-Rate Program

Recognized by ATLANTIC-ACM, Lightower consistently earns a Best-in-Class Excellence Award for exceptional customer support and service. Currently, Lightower’s ever-expanding network provides:

  • 22,000+ service locations
  • 33,000+ fiber route miles
  • 275+ connected data centers
  • 13 colocation centers
  • 500+ central offices and carrier hotels
  • Access to key metropolitan areas such as: Albany NY, Ashburn VA, Atlantic City NJ, Aurora IL, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Buffalo NY, Burlington VT, Chicago IL, Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Dayton OH, Detroit MI, Hartford CT, Indianapolis IN, Long Island NY, Louisville KY, Manchester NH, Nashua NH, New York City, Newark NJ, Newburgh NY, New Haven CT, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Portland ME, Portsmouth NH, Poughkeepsie NY, Princeton NJ, Providence RI, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA, Rochester NY, Springfield MA, Syracuse NY, Toledo OH, Washington D.C., White Plains NY, and Worcester MA.

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Customer Quote

"They give the University the ability to move vast amounts of research and supercomputing data. Not only is this increase in connectivity a game-changer for us today but our ability to scale up bandwidth and enhance network performance over time will allow us to continuously enhance our capabilities."

Andrew Darling

Director of IT Infrastructure for University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

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