Secure and Reliable Network Solutions for Government Agencies and Organizations

No matter the size, town, city, or state, federal government agencies are taking advantage of the latest, most innovative technologies to increase operational efficiency and better serve constituents and agency goals. Some examples include:

  • Increasing operational efficiency through cloud services
  • Implementing backup and recovery strategies to protect mission-critical data
  • Developing new opportunities for commerce
  • Facilitating engagement with constituents and interconnecting facilities
  • Enhancing transportation and employee-safety systems
  • Delivering faster emergency response times
  • Mission support for national defense and war-fighter operations
  • Building high-capacity research and education networks for the scientific community

While all very different, these applications have one thing in common, they demand a reliable high-performance network. When scale, availability, and security are your main concerns, look to Lightower to deliver a proven network that excels without complications or delays.

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Federal Contract Vehicles

Lightower is an authorized GSA IT Schedule 70 vendor for all federal agencies across the country.  State and local governments may also use this contract through cooperative purchasing.  In addition, Lightower is an authorized vendor under a GSA Region 1 contract.

GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

  • All federal agencies are eligible, nationwide
  • GSA MAS 070 contract, #GS35F465DA

GSA Regional Contract

  • Region 1 – Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut


Lightower provides a comprehensive suite of all-fiber services under both contracts:

State and Local Contract Vehicles

Connecticut – Delaware – Maryland – Massachusetts – New Jersey – New York – Rhode Island – Virginia – MiCTA

Eligible Entities  - entities that can purchase from these cooperative, statewide contract vehicles generally include:

  • Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, including all Departments and elected offices therein
  • Cities, towns, districts, counties, and other political subdivisions
  • Independent public authorities, commissions, and quasi-public agencies
  • Local public libraries, public school districts, and charter schools
  • Public hospitals
  • Public purchasing cooperatives
  • Eligible higher education institutions

Connecticut – Department of Administrative Services (DAS)

  • Contract Vehicle: Connecticut Master Lease Agreement B-00-021
  • Eligible Lightower Services: Dark Fiber and Internet Access

Delaware – Department of Technology and Information

  • Contract Vehicle: Dark Fiber Leasing Contract DTI14620-DRKFBRLEASEV3
  • Eligible Lightower Services: Dark Fiber

Maryland - Department of Information Technology

  • Contract Vehicle: The Data Telecommunications Services Master Contract
  • Eligible Lightower Services: Ethernet, Wavelengths, DS1, DS3, Flexible Private Line, and Internet Access.


Lightower offers services in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under ITT46 Network Services.  The contract was awarded by the Commonwealth in conjunction with the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium.

  • Contract Vehicles: Operational Services Division (OSD) ITT46 and

    Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) Contract MC12-J04

  • Eligible Lightower Services: Dark Fiber, SONET, Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet, Internet Access, Private Line, and Colocation
  • In addition to the eligible entity list above this contract can also be used by:

    • UFR-certified organizations that are doing business with the Commonwealth of MA
    • Other states and territories with no prior formal approval by the State Purchasing Agent required; and
    • Other entities when designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent
  • MA Government Customers may also log in to the Lightower Customer Portal

New Jersey

  • Contract Vehicle: T1776 Data Communications Network Services
  • Eligible Lightower Services: Ethernet, Wavelengths, and SONET

New York - OGS

  • Contract Vehicle: OGS Comprehensive Telecommunications Group No. 7701
  • Eligible Lightower Services: SONET, Private Line, Flexible Private Line, Ethernet, and Internet Access

New York - NYeNet

  • Contract Vehicle: Office of Technology Services (ITS) NYeNet Access Services
  • NYeNet POPs are located at 15 Metro Tech Plaza, Brooklyn and at 60 Market Street, Poughkeepsie
  • Eligible Lightower Services: Ethernet, Dark Fiber, DWDM Wavelengths, SONET, and Private Line
  • Lightower Data Centers, Colocation Facilities, and Carrier Hotels

Rhode Island – Dept of Administration & Telecom Services – IP Data Circuit

  • Contract Vehicle: Master Price Agreement #308 Telecommunications Services – IP Data Circuits
  • Eligible Lightower Services: Ethernet, Dark Fiber, Wavelengths, SONET, Internet Access, and Colocation

Virginia - Information Technologies Agency (VITA)

  • Contract Vehicle: VITA Broadband Services Contract: VA VITA (VA-151015-LTFN)
  • Eligible Lightower Services: Ethernet Dark Fiber, Internet Access

MiCTA - Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association

  • MiCTA is a national organization that represents thousands of higher education, K-12, healthcare, library, governmental and charitable entities. Lightower services under this agreement include Ethernet, Wavelengths, Internet, Dark Fiber, SONET, and Colocation.
  • Contract Vehicle: Master Service Agreement Contract No. 142AR-TISA2013-0416 and 149-FBOS2014-0117.

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100G High-Performance Networks for Petascale Science

Research, Discovery, and Higher Education Institutions are united in their quest to understand how our universe works and to share their learning with one another. But the community is dealing with “Big Data” and Petascale Science across widely disparate geographic locations. Sharing and communicating this data can only be done across high-performance 100G networks.

Lightower understands the demands of the Research and Education community. Recently, in the Fall of 2012, at the International Conference of High Performance Computer, Networking, Storage and Analyses (SC12) in Salt Lake City, Utah, a consortium of researchers demonstrated a national scale 100 Gbps optical network testbed—Lightower’s network played a significant role in this achievement proving the ability to transport extremely large capacity data flows, including a 98.4 Gbps data transfer with zero packet drops over 2,000 miles.

Lightower also is working with this community to explore how high-performance networks can help the R&E community take advantage of remote data centers that provide immense space and power at low costs per megawatt. The trick is to ensure users, no matter where they are located, can efficiently access and utilize this data at any time. This might reduce operational expenses by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For the research, discovery, and education space, this is why connectivity to a high-performance network is important. Lightower is adept at delivering high-bandwidth networks so the R&E community can afford and utilize the storage and compute infrastructure they need to advance our understanding of the universe around us.



Diverse Connectivity for Maximized Performance

Lightower offers government institutions advanced network connectivity solutions that maximize performance. Lightower’s resilient network infrastructure is uniquely suited to help municipalities, state governments, and agencies communicate internally and externally on a diverse network that leverages unique rights of way and delivers the security and reliability needed to operate effectively. Some facts about the network:

  • Lightower’s network has deep fiber assets throughout the Northeastern US from Maine down to Virginia and out to Chicago.
  • The company recently built a 1,000 mile ring around Virginia that will interconnect Lightower’s existing assets with Culpeper and extend south to Newport News, Elizabeth City, west to Martinsville and Roanoke and various hubs in between including Richmond.
  • With access to over 275+ data centers in our footprint, government organizations can be assured that can easily connect to critical cloud services and back-up and recovery resources.
  • Lightower owns the only completely diverse path between the NY metro and Ashburn, VA from the I-95 corridor. The Lightower Transcom Route provides government agencies with a unique path to protect from potential problems on that highly congested route.

These are just some of the things that set Lightower apart. When on the Lightower network, government entities can access services such as:

  • Internet access
  • Dark fiber
  • Ethernet
  • Wavelength
  • Private managed optical networks

The Lightower Advantage

Lightower possesses extensive experience working with government organizations to accomplish even the most ambitious goals—from 100G connectivity for research and education networks to Ethernet services for base or municipality connectivity. Lightower is committed to ensuring that government organizations benefit from the unique diversity, scale, support, and cost-efficiency that make Lightower a preferred partner to customers throughout our footprint.

Recognized by ATLANTIC-ACM, Lightower consistently earns a Best-in-Class Excellence Award for exceptional customer support and service. Currently, Lightower’s ever-expanding network provides:

  • 22,000+ service locations
  • 33,000+ fiber route miles
  • 275+ connected data centers
  • 40+ connected financial exchanges
  • 12 Lightower colocation centers
  • 500+ carrier hotels and central offices
  • Access to key metropolitan areas such as: Albany NY, Ashburn VA, Atlantic City NJ, Aurora IL, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Buffalo NY, Burlington VT, Chicago IL, Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Dayton OH, Detroit MI, Hartford CT, Indianapolis IN, Long Island NY, Louisville KY, Manchester NH, Nashua NH, New York City, Newark NJ, Newburgh NY, New Haven CT, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Portland ME, Portsmouth NH, Poughkeepsie NY, Princeton NJ, Providence RI, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA, Rochester NY, Springfield MA, Syracuse NY, Toledo OH, Washington D.C., White Plains NY, and Worcester MA.

Customer Quote

"The scalability of their network was particularly attractive to us because we anticipate a need to increase bandwidth, and having a provider who we know can do this quickly and seamlessly was key."


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