HD Video and Beyond: The Lightower Network Moves Entertainment

Whether you are a major television network, live sports venue, cable TV organization, or movie producer, the media and entertainment business has come to understand the power of high-performance networks for rapidly moving high quality video of various formats, including uncompressed HD.  From the editing suite, moving dailies, live venue broadcasting, to storage and distribution – high performance, highly reliable video transport is critical to your business.

Lightower offers the media and entertainment industry best-in-class, flexible video transport services, connecting critical media locations throughout our network footprint.  Lightower offers video transport connectivity at broadcast centers, commercial buildings, data centers, telco hotels, and other critical interconnection facilities, making it easy to connect your critical locations.   With optional Ethernet networking in parallel to your video, you can cost-effectively have additional connectivity between video end locations.  Every media provider faces their own unique business needs, and we provide the tailored network solutions that are required to ensure best-in-class customer experience.

Lightower’s Ultimate Media Platform

Lightower also offers the industry our unique Ultimate Media Platform, which connects stadiums and arenas throughout the Northeast to broadcast centers and interconnection facilities in critical markets.  Capable of providing permanent or event-based connectivity to these venues, including uncompressed HD video, Lightower offers a unique platform for big-bandwidth networking between broadcasters/distributors and event organizers.  Lightower’s Ultimate Media Platform for fiber-based transport of HD video connects premier venues throughout the Northeast over a best-in-class service platform.


Lightower Meets the Demand for High Bandwidth

As a leading network bandwith provider, Lightower is the perfect partner for the changing needs of media companies. The proliferation of massive amounts of High Definition (HD) content is driving the shift to high-capacity bandwidths between data centers, distribution hubs, headquarter locations, and more in order to efficiently manage content quality and delivery. Lightower acts as a partner with media companies to provide reliable, high bandwidth and fully diverse connectivity between critical locations such as New York; New Jersey; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Washington, DC; and Ashburn, VA.

Lightower’s Unique Network Attributes:

  • Data Center Connectivity: With connectivity to 275+ data centers, 40+ exchanges, 12 major colocation centers, and 500+ carrier hotels, Lightower provides access to critical exchange and connectivity points.
  • 100G Service: Lightower has deployed best-in-class network equipment that can easily scale to 100 Gbps and beyond.
  • Lightower’s Transcom Route is the only high-performance route that’s completely diverse from the East Coast I-95 corridor between the New York Metro and Ashburn, VA. It’s is located between 30 and 50 miles North of the I-95 corridor.
  • Virginia Expansion: Lightower is building a 1,000 mile network connecting assets in Northern Virginia with all major cities in Southern Virginia, expanding our reach by 1000 fiber miles for carrier customers.
  • NYC and Washington, DC Bypass: Lightower has the ability to bypass NYC through our Transcom Route and NYC through our deep fiber footprint and connectivity options on Long Island.
  • International Connectivity: With both standard latency and low latency connections to Toronto, CA and London, UK, Lightower can connect you to important exchange points internationally.

Recognized by ATLANTIC-ACM, Lightower consistently earns a Best-in-Class Excellence Award for exceptional customer support and service. Currently, Lightower’s ever-expanding network provides:

  • 22,000+ service locations
  • 33,000+ fiber route miles
  • 275+ connected data centers
  • 12 Lightower colocation centers
  • 500+ carrier hotels and central offices
  • Access to key metropolitan areas such as: Albany NY, Ashburn VA, Atlantic City NJ, Aurora IL, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Buffalo NY, Burlington VT, Chicago IL, Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Dayton OH, Detroit MI, Hartford CT, Indianapolis IN, Long Island NY, Louisville KY, Manchester NH, Nashua NH, New York City, Newark NJ, Newburgh NY, New Haven CT, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Portland ME, Portsmouth NH, Poughkeepsie NY, Princeton NJ, Providence RI, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA, Rochester NY, Springfield MA, Syracuse NY, Toledo OH, Washington D.C., White Plains NY, and Worcester MA.

Customer Quote

"We rely on them for high quality, reliable, [and] ‘always on’ network solutions. Since 2003, our experience with their network has been flawless."

VP Engineering


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