Case Studies

Dedicated Internet Access for Education: A Case Study

Lightower Fiber Networks helps a Northeast college build a competitive advantage with a custom private optical network.

Challenge: College Needs Dedicated Internet Access

A college in the Northeast needed a network that would allow them to transport voice, data, Internet, and Internet II traffic – for both their students and staff. They believed the use of these technologies would give the college a competitive advantage.

It was important to have the flexibility to choose service providers on an application-by-application basis. This functionality would increase the number of services they could offer students and staff, maximize the college’s revenue, and minimize expenses.

Because of their remote location, few carriers served this area, thus, limiting the college’s options.

Solution: SONET Provides College Flexible, Dedicated Internet Access

In this situation, a Custom Private Optical Network was the perfect solution. The benefit of allowing Lightower to design, build, and manage a SONET network gave the college complete control and flexibility. It provided connectivity to multiple carriers and gave them a reliable and scalable network – meeting all the criteria they asked for.

Benefits of SONET Dedicated Internet Access for Colleges

  • Carrier Neutral – Because Lightower has connections to multiple carriers and most major POPs throughout New England, the college has the ability to decide which carrier or carriers they want to work with
  • Flexibility – The Lightower network can transport all of the college’s voice, data, and video traffic
  • Cost-Effective – The Lightower solution provided more flexibility and allowed the college to reduce their costs
  • Scalable – This network will quickly scale in order to continue to meet bandwidth requirements

Customer Quote

"They have provided diverse connectivity in support of the underlying SFTI network with management and maintenance at the highest levels. The SFTI network’s reliability, efficiency, protection and dependability are extremely important to us, so we are pleased to renew our partnership with them."

Senior Vice President

SFTI Network