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Custom Private Optical Network

A custom private optical network opens the door to new customers for an ISP.

Challenge: ISP Needs Reliable Carrier

A Tier 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP) was looking for a network that would allow them to increase the scalability of its Internet network and allow them to connect to new peering partners throughout NY and the mid-Atlantic region. They needed an extremely reliable network and were looking for a carrier that could build and manage it on their behalf.

This network needed to be geographically diverse, capable of providing enough bandwidth to meet today’s demands, and offer the ability to scale as traffic grows.

Solution: SONET Networks for Dedicated Internet Service

Lightower was able to design, build, and manage multiple SONET networks that provided connectivity to multiple peering points. Working closely with the customer, the Lightower account team created a network design that was flexible, highly scalable, and offered them the level of diversity they demanded.

Benefits: ISP Expands Dedicated Internet Service, Cost Effectively

  • High Availability – Utilizing our unique ROWs, Lightower was able to provide the ISP with a network that is truly diverse. That level of diversity combined with Lightower’s network protection switching, ensures the ISP will achieve maximum network availability for the peering connections transported
  • Rapid Response – Lightower was able to quickly mobilize resources and build this complex network within the ISPs aggressive timeframe. In addition, the Lightower design allows for additional bandwidth to be provisioned in an extremely short interval
  • Scalable – Lightower has pre-planned the network to anticipate and facilitate smooth, linear growth. This ensures that the customer can rapidly increase capacity as business needs dictate
  • Cost-Effective – Lightower’s design was able to meet all of the customer’s stringent requirements while still being a cost-effective solution

SONET Virtual Private Network

Lightower’s SONET VPN is exactly what this global ISP is searching for.


A global Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on serving the business marketplace was looking to connect multiple locations within a major metropolitan market in the Northeast. Because they were providing services to business customers, they needed reliable network solutions with the ability to easily add locations to the network and reallocate bandwidth.


Aware of the ISP’s intent for a SONET ring, the Lightower account team proposed a SONET VPN network as a way of providing connectivity to these locations.

Combining the reliability and availability associated with dedicated SONET rings and the ease and flexibility of ordering individual circuits, Lightower’s SONET VPN is provisioned over multiple shared SONET rings – offering a fully protected service with SONET reliability.

The service provides an OC-48 or OC-12 virtual SONET ring connecting a predetermined set of locations. Once the service is established, any combination of DS-3s through OC-12s can be added between locations, up to the total capacity of the network.


  • Flexible & Scalable – With SONET VPN, the ISP doesn’t need to know the exact service mix upfront. They can add bandwidth where they need it and when they need it. Also, unlike a dedicated SONET ring, with SONET VPN the ISP can easily add locations to the network
  • Cost-Effective – With SONET VPN, the service provider gets the same functionality of a dedicated SONET ring, but because it is delivered over a shared infrastructure, they avoid paying for fixed dedicated equipment, fiber, and nodes
  • Reliable – 24×7 network monitoring and technical support are offered by Lightower

Custom Ethernet Network

Video Transport Provider uses Lightower’s Quality Ethernet Service to Meet Business Needs


When Pacific Northwest Net, a transport provider of broadcast quality video and audio circuits, began expanding its services globally while simultaneously acquiring more customers, the company recognized the need for advanced Ethernet services to address the growing requests of its’ customers. The company decided it needed an Ethernet transport service to support its’ projects in the Northeast corridor, a growth-based region for the company.

Pacific Northwest Net was in need of a tailored solution – a solution designed by a service provider with the expertise to architect a network solution that addressed the company’s unique business needs. In search of a fully restorable, easily managed network that would add greater diversity to its network, they were seeking a service provider to become its partner and provide reliable Ethernet services. As the search for a network provider and partner began, Pacific Northwest Net turned a critical eye to the abilities and culture of each of its prospects.

Solution: A Custom Ethernet Network

After its extensive evaluation process, Pacific Northwest Net selected Lightower to provide Ethernet services. Lightower emerged as the smarter choice – far outpacing the competition on service, quality, and culture.

With broad knowledge and industry experience, Lightower was a leader throughout the selection process demonstrating an understanding of Pacific Northwest Net’s business and providing a tailored, flexible solution that aligned with their unique needs. Lightower was chosen to provide Ethernet service in the Northeast corridor between Boston and New York.

Lightower’s Ethernet Service combines the reliability and ubiquity of Ethernet with next-generation metro area transport technology. The result is a service that delivers an efficient, fully restorable, easily managed network. Offering dedicated point-to-point, switched point to multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint packet transport service over dedicated access bandwidth, Lightower’s Ethernet Service will enable Pacific Northwest Net to seamlessly extend its Ethernet network from its local building into the metro area and beyond.

Benefits of a Custom Ethernet Network

  • Scalability & Bandwidth – Lightower was able to provide seamless scalability without the need to add additional equipment. Pacific Northwest Net also gained variable bandwidth enabling the fine-tuning for network needs at each location.
  • Experience & Knowledge – Lightower possessed the qualities required to successfully transport quality video over network, meeting the needs of Pacific Northwest Net’s business models.
  • Cost-Savings – The Lightower solution provided cost efficiencies on a cost per bit and cost per port basis.
  • Ease-of-Use – The partnership allowed for easier installation and management delivering rapid provisioning. Additionally, there was no protocol conversion required, which ensured interoperability between the LAN and MAN.
  • Company Culture – Lightower demonstrated a clear value of customer focus and sensitivity to the payload it would be transporting.

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Customer Quote

"Known for its network reliability and performance...communication is one less thing we have to worry about as our company continues to grow rapidly."

Manager of Production Infrastructure and Telecommunications